Rocky Ridge Spotlight Series: Camo Edition

Rocky Ridge Camo 2

Usually camouflage is meant to make you blend in, but in the Rocky Ridge Camo, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd! The first thing you’ll notice about this truck is its camo fenders, door handles, rear-view mirrors, and bumper. Even the Chevy bowtie and dashboard are clad in camo, giving this truck a one-of-a-kind look that’s anything but fading into the background. Choose from either Mossy Oak or Real Tree camo patterns to customize your Rocky Ridge truck even more.

Of course, camouflage isn’t the only thing that makes a Rocky Ridge pickup unique. The Camo Edition also comes with a six-inch ProComp suspension lift kit, 35-inch ATX tires and step bars. A stainless-steel exhaust tip and a custom designer chrome grille ensure this truck looks as at home in the city as it does behind the trees.

All Rocky Ridge trucks at our Chevy dealership near Hackettstown, NJ come with a warranty that mirrors the manufacturer’s, so you can feel confident when you roll out in a custom conversion truck from our store. If you want a closer look at the Rocky Ridge Camo Edition, give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions!

Rocky Ridge Camo 1 Rocky Ridge Camo 3 Rocky Ridge Camo 4 Rocky Ridge Camo black Rocky Ridge Camo Chevy Rocky Ridge Camo GMC Rocky Ridge Camo red

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